Welcome to my blog with Red Snow hugs!!!
This is my blog dedicated to Red Riding Hood/Ruby, since I'm in love with her and she's my favorite character from Once Upon A Time! My favorite episode was Red Handed (episode 15) and so is episode 7, Child of the Moon! (I knew it was going to be one of my favorites waaay before it even came out) ; ) RED SNOW IS MY OTP 5EVER<3<3<3 I can't forget Frankwolf though!!! They're perfect too, Monster to Monster! Btw, I ship Red x Peter and Red Huntsman so hard as well! They need to bring Graham back!!! They need to bring Peter back!!!!!! It's not fair!!!
Also feel free to request fanfics! Just give me an idea of what you'd like me to write about! (I ussually take a while though, cuz I am not phsically capable of writing something under 2,500 words...) ( :
Btw, my name is Sophia, and if you are even on my blog and reading this I love you and you are awesome! XD


ouat meme: {8/8} objects
             ↳ The yellow bug; the hook; the poisoned apple, red’s cloak, the jolly roger, the chipped cup, charming’s sword and the spell book

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A song I’d like to see used on True Blood… or a Ruby-Sentric episode of OUAT