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The Company of a Friend || Ruby and Victor


Doctor whale was finishing up his cigarette in anticipation. He was feling like a highschooler just before the prom night. On a second thought, he had never been a highschooler, but it couldn’t have been much different. He was waiting for the town’s most beautiful girl to appear. It was the first time he had ever been nervous for a date. Cause one way or another that was what it was. A date. 

Right next to him Hook was still talking. What was the matter of the converstation? He couldn’t rememeber. Oh well no big deal. He made an effort to pay some attention to him. No. He was still staring at the door. Hook seemed to be excited about what he was describing. He was still nervous. 

And then he saw her walking in. He couldn’t help but smile.

"Hook I think it’s time for you to go"

Ruby caught the doctor’s eye and a bright smile grew across her face. There he stood, a grumbling Hook by his side, waiting for her to arrive. She strode over to him, her pace languid and realized. She realized the butterflies in her stomach seemed to dissipate when she saw him. Or maybe it was the fact that the grouchy pirate was complaining so adamantly and trying to compose himself for flirtation. Nonetheless, she was happy.

“Hi, Victor!” she greeted. “And hello, Killian,” she added with a nod toward the pirate.

“It’s been forever,” she exclaimed, taking the daring opportunity to pull Victor into an embrace, smiling again.

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The Company of a Friend || Ruby and Victor

The fluttering in Ruby’s stomach wouldn’t seem to go away. She didn’t quite understand why she was nervous. Maybe it was simple excitement at finally being allowed out of the diner for the weekend, and all of the possibilities she could use that time for. Yeah. That was it.

She was going over to the hospital to keep Dr. Whale company. They’d been sending emails to each other all week long, and he seemed lonely. She was excited to spend time with him, she really was. She knew he needed a friend. He sounded lonely, even despite having a bothersome Hook to take care of.

Ruby certainly couldn’t say she lacked friends, but she too became lonely. There was only so much one could do simply mulling around Granny’s Diner all day and seeing the same people. It would be nice spending time with the doctor to change up her daily routine. A little variation never hurt, and besides, not many knew how gentle and kind he was.

The only reason Ruby did was because she’d saved him from some very dire matters… he needed to open up more, and who would be better at helping him do so than she, herself?

As she opened up the hospital doors, she was welcomed with the crisp aroma of the sterile hospital beds and the scent of clean clothing. With a quick glance around, she walked inside past patients in search of the man she was here to accompany.


Well, this version of the meme is actually rather appropriate considering who’s saying it. XD

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